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Inflate your tyres with ease from the comfort of your van with the 12v air compressor.


Ideal for popping tubeless tyres onto the bead or for quick and easy tyre inflation and pressure checks  from your van.

Fits both schrader valves and presta bike valve.

6L air tank to provide ample pressure for tubless installations.

Compact size 

Shrasder and presta valve fitments


Kit includes:


12v Compressor, Coiled air hose, tyre inflator with pressure guage and presta and schrader valve fitments , an air blower and couplings to easily remove the air pipe from the compressor for storage.


Available in the classic MTB Vans black colourway or the comedy Nitrous blue which is gauranteed to make your inner child smile.



Length: 45cm, Width: 15cm, Height: 20cm



The compressor should be wired into a fused 12v feed from the vehicles battery, fuse box or leisure battery. The compressor could be wired into a cigrette ighter plug however these are not supplied. All electrical installations should be carried out by a qualifed or competant person.


Wiring and fitting can be arranged at our workshop, get in contact for more info.

12v Air Compressor


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