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The generic rail kit is desgined to fit into any other van with ease using the use of threaded inserts supplied. The inserts fasten into the plywood flooring in your van to create secure lashing points. 


Kit Includes:

1x Fork Mount Rail  and fitting kit

x2  MTB Vans Fork Mounts  (all 4 hub adapter included)

x2  Fork Mount fitting kits


Carry multiple bikes with ease using our removable bike mount rail and fork mounts. Our fork mounts are designed to fit most bike typres and come included with x4 adapters to fit 5x100 Quick Release axles for road / gravel bikes, 9x100 for Time trial bikes, 15x100 for enduro & 15x110 for Boost axles.


Rail is 120cm in length. Custom sizes availble on request.


This kit is designed to fit in any other van (Tranit, Vivaro, Traffic etc)

The rail is suuplied with a fitting kit which incluides x2 threaded inserts that you screw into the plywood floor in your van. The rail is then fastened down with the thumb screws supplied.


To secure the threaded inserts you just have to drill x2 13mm holes in the plywood floor and the inserts screw in creating a secure lashing point.


The rail adds extra versatility by allowing the fork mounts to be secured in any position without making any screw holes in you van floor. This allows you to maximise the amount of bikes in the van. It also allows the fork mounts to be positioned offset from one another or on an angle to avoid handle bars clashing.Easily remove the rail when not in use.


email for custom rail size requests.

Generic Bike Mount Rail Kit

SKU: MTB_039

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